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Once July hits, you better believe that the shorelines will be filled with rowdy women, eager to party it up and have a damn good time. With the summer festival season in play, plenty of half-naked bodies will be walking down those boardwalks. You can expect to see a couple or more like, a couple of hundred bikini wearing skanks showing off their rears, their pierced belly buttons, and their uncensored sexuality. This page at NudeSelfies.co is all about those tan lines and those super hot bikinis that these chicks are wearing this summer. Our pervy cameramen are all in place, snapping those sexy shots but it is the pictures that are submitted by the chicks themselves that are the rawest and the coolest of them all! With those swimsuits that are looking more like provocative lingerie, it is hard to stand still and pretend like these sluts aren’t showing off half of their asses! Wearing thongs and passing them off as bikinis is just a double standard but a double standard that we are not going to call out. We love this double standard. In fact, we want more of these D.S., they are filling up this category and are making our days brighter.