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Every man on the planet who had a camera in his hand once or twice in his lifetime just had to point that thing towards his dick and let one pop. With the flashlight on and all the filters activated. It’s all about the hot selfies of hard rods. NudeSelfies.co understands this urge that men – are dumb with cameras and their big penises! To prove this point this whole category is dedicated to prick selfies, where countless men have taken a schlong pic and “accidentally” posted it online. It’s usually that they’ve sent it to their significant others, the relationship broke up and – revenge is a mother-fucker! Luckily for us, these doodle pictures still have some use on the Internet. You will see all kinds of photos in this category. From the thick and veiny ones to the crooked and uncut ones. Dudes take shaft selfies every day. It’s written in the Murphy’s Law that one or two will leak out. These pics that are on NudeSelfies.co are the ones that have that certain something, that allure, that appeal that the masses appreciate. If you have an obsession with peckers, these right here will make your day. It’s mostly photos that have enough pride in them to be photographed. If you love doodles, you’ll love these!