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Sure, all of the professional pictures and shots that are uploaded on a site are cool but what’s even hotter are those intimate shots submitted by real users. Those spontaneous shots that are keeping it real – we are talking about submitted nudes on NudeSelfies.co, oh yeah! This is a section that is dedicated to the pics that are totally raw, that depict a vulnerable moment in time when the arousal was at its highest and the pictures had magic written all over them! All of these shots are a must-see due to their source – the user! You are a fly on the wall and you get to see home-made selfies that probably weren’t supposed to see the light of day! Sweet user submitted photos that make you horny like regular porn, images that were supposed to be sent to girlfriends or someone else. Awesome users who are still coming out of their shell since they are homemade. All of these awesome pictures can be seen in the user submitted section. There are some pics that are done professionally, you can pick them out yourself but the ones that are the hottest come from that innocent girl next door! Nudes in the shower, ex-girlfriends curves and much more that come from the viewer, what else do you want!